Life Path 1

September 1, 2017

Life Path 1 – Traits and Compatibility Partners

The study of numerology, or more specifically identifying your life path has the potential to radically change and alter your life. In this short article, we will describe the character traits of someone with Life Path number 1.

When you are reading through the traits, it is always an interesting opportunity to think of someone who matches those traits, and then if you know a few simple details about the person, you could work out if they are indeed the number you believed, you might be shocked and intrigued by the results.

At A Glance

Life Path number 1 people are hard working, ambitious and career oriented people. They make excellent leaders, and exude energy. Competitive, determined and with a never say die attitude they always succeed no matter how hard the challenge. Because they demand so much of themselves they expect the same from others and can be critical when that is not the case. They cannot stand laziness in any shape or form.


The Positive Traits Of Life Path Number 1

Life Path 1 people are normally the leaders of their generation or group of friends. They have a steely determination to succeed, are extremely strong willed, and committed to achieving their goals. Their focus is on achieving independence, and not being reliant on anyone else in life.

They never settle for second best and are driven to continually improve anything and everything they are involved in; failure is not an option. Because of their strong will, complete and utter belief in themselves, they may make controversial decisions wherever they go, so convinced are they of their knowledge and expertise.


The Negative Traits of Path Number 1

On the negative side, most people are not born with the expertise and knowledge required to be a leader. Life path 1 people can struggle with this aspect of their lives, as they are often an excellent leader, but a very poor follower. If you are life path 1, it is important to understand the potential pitfalls, as you can easily come across as very self-serving, selfish and even egotistical. The very fact that you are reading this article should provide you with knowledge of this issue, and enable you to counteract any flaws in your character.


Things That Path Number 1 People Need To Focus On And Improve

Life Path Number 1 is always determined to be the best, so in order to achieve this goal, there are certain flaws in their character that they need to work on. These include

  • A tendency to be self-centered
  • Can demand too much from others
  • Can come across as arrogant
  • Can be a poor team member if not the leader


Perfect Partners For Life Path One?

As a strong willed self-opinionated number 1, the two best numbers with whom you could form a successful relationship with invariably be numbers three and five. Those two numbers possess the type of disposition that can deal with the bossy all encompassing know it all that is life path 1. Life path 3, in particular, has a very happy go lucky disposition, and could even help to release the tension from life path 1 by not taking them too seriously, and being prepared to make the occasional joke at their expense. Life path 5, on the other hand, could bring energy and dynamism to the relationship, some flexibility, and even a little piece of adventure and excitement.


One and One Certainly Don’t Make Two In This Scenario

Any relationship between two life path 1’s is almost doomed to failure before it begins, as there will be a constant battle for power and authority. Any relationship that does take place between two life path 1’s will be very intense, but most likely short lived, quickly burning itself out. Life path 8 benefits from an entrepreneurial flair, matched with an authoritative attitude, which also means that most relationships between these two numbers are most likely destined to fail.

As you can see even in a couple of short paragraphs, the importance of knowing your life path number cannot be underestimated, which is why we urge you to watch this video below to educate yourself, and discover which life path number you are. Once you know this information, you can begin to make educated choices about your future.

If you would like to continue to learn more about other life path numbers then you can learn about the Life Path 2 here.  

The Author | Janice Sorenson
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