Life Path 2

September 7, 2017

Life Path 2- Characteristics & Compatability

At A Glance

Thoughtful, kind and considerate, life path number 2 are the peacemakers of the world. Rather than aggression, they choose persuasion, and diplomacy is their middle name. Unfortunately, their good nature can be taken advantage of, they are often shy individuals, and they avoid confrontation at all costs.

The Positive Traits Of Life Path Number 2

People who are life path 2 are some of the kindest, most generous and loving people on the planet. Their primary pleasure in life is to build and nurture relationships, and their kindness and generosity is infectious.

In terms of a career, life path 2 are excellent mediators, as they have the difficult skill of being able to see the arguments of both sides, and they are kind and considerate to other people. Careers such as a social worker, or nurse are perfectly suited to life path 2’s, and never underestimate the power your nurturing nature has on others.

The Negative Traits of Path Number 2

On the flip side, being a life path 2 can have some negative aspects, some of which you can control. Not everyone will be as generous with their kindness, generosity, and helpfulness. In some circumstances, people of a life path 2 disposition can become frustrated and even annoyed with others who they do not feel are as generous as them. This is a skill that life path 2’s need to work on and master, as it can portray you in a very different light, and cause embarrassment and resentment amongst all parties involved. Always remember that generosity and support can be measured in a wide variety of ways, and it can be easy to criticize without knowing the full story.


Things That Path Number 2 Needs To Work On Constantly

Because of their calm and docile nature, it is essential that life path number 2’s work on the following flaws in order to be successful

  • Confidence
  • Not Being So Sensitive
  • Stop Avoiding Confrontation
  • Stop Putting Other Peoples Needs In Front Of Your Own

Everyone is always interested in finding their perfect love match, and the power of numerology means that you can assist St Valentine in trying to find your perfect partner. The key to this is working out your life path number, and then finding the perfect match for that number. This might sound like an incredibly difficult, and time-consuming assignment, and not worth the effort, but it is actually surprisingly simple. All that you need to do is watch the video below, which will explain quickly and easily how to work out which life path number anyone is.

Once you understand how people are scored, the process is then very simple.


Perfect Partners For Number 2

For life path number 2, the perfect partner is life path number 8. That is because life path 2 will appreciate the vision of number 8, and the love and support provided by life path number 2 will assist with the vision and determination of number 8. Imagine a sail boat; number 8 would be the boat and the sail; number 2 would provide the wind to drive the boat forward.

Life path number 9’s could also be a reasonable match, although this is dependent on the person as they can be slightly aloof. If you possess a slightly more submissive personality, then life path number one is a great choice, provided that is that you are always prepared to let them have the last word.

Two Plus Two Does Not Make The Perfect Couple

Life paths 4 and 7 will simply bore a life path number 2 to death, and a life path 2 and 5 in a partnership is a recipe for disaster. Life path 5’s are full of fun, but their irresponsibility and indulgences will quickly place huge strains on their relationship.

Our entire planet works around the concept of numbers, which is why numerology is so interesting and informative. Watch this video, and then try and guess the life path numbers of your friends, you may well be surprised at how accurate the numbers are!

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