September 14, 2017

Life Path Number 3 | Characteristics & Compatibility


At A Glance

Creative, artistic, generous and full of positivity, popular independent and fun. Poor at financial planning, and unlikely to provide a stable future, due to their impulsive nature


The Positive Traits Of Life Path Number 3

Do you know someone who can create a beautiful picture or song with ease? Who can communicate perfectly regardless of the format, written or spoken? If the answer is yes, then there is a high probability that person is life path number 3. Path number 3 people are highly represented in the music and showbiz professions,

Not only are they talented in their creative skills, but they are also extremely generous, and always see the positive in every situation in life. Path number 3 is never short of company, as people are drawn to their charismatic personality, like a moth to a flame. They tend to be great listeners and are very conscious of other people’s feelings and emotions. Anyone who is in a bad situation in life would be well advised to call one of their path number 3 friends, as they are undoubtedly the best people for the job.


The Negative Traits of Path Number 3

On the negative side, path number 3 people live life to the fullest, but rarely tend to plan for the future. As the life and soul of any party, financial planning and taking responsibility are not their strong points. Eternally positive, they have total faith that life will turn out ok, and so don’t ever have to worry about the future. With this lack of planning, there is never a structured plan and procrastination is a regular companion.

If and when they suffer emotional pain, life path 3 react badly, withdrawing from their friendship groups, and making inappropriate and out of character comments. Life path 3 need to be looked after and nurtured, encouraged to make full use of their creative talents, as a failure to use them, in some cases can lead them to become a manic depressive.


Things That Path Number 3 Needs To Work On Constantly

Although it may seem that number 3 has a fantastic life, not everything is rosy in their garden. They need to focus on the following to improve their life

  • Financial Planning
  • Knowing when to stop partying and start working
  • Stop being so moody when problems arise
  • Stop pushing people away when disaster strikes – learn to ask for help


Perfect Partners For Number

As with most creative people, life path 3 can be very passionate lovers, and great people to spend time with. They are funny, and great with romantic words, supportive and loving. With a love of all things social, life path 5 and 7 made excellent long-term partners.

Life Path number 9 and 3 are constantly attracted to each other, and they both are the type that stands out from the crowd at social events. They are very alike in many ways and will always enjoy each others company. Unlike with number 4, boredom will never be an issue, in a relationship that is always full of excitement and spontaneity. On the negative side, this spontaneity is not good for financial management, so money could always be a concern in this relationship. Provided they can keep an eye on the purse strings and steer clear of debt; a 9 and a 3 make for a happy and long relationship, which will never disappoint.

These Numbers Simple Don’t Add Up 

Life Path Fours would make a good partner, but unfortunately for number 3’s they would be bored stiff, and life path eight might sound like a great partnership, but the constant need for perfection and control will grate and cause problems further down the relationship path. Life Path 1’s can have a good relationship with life path number 3, but there are certain provisos that need to be followed. The problem with number 1s is that they need to understand that although they are confident and ambitious, which ironically is one of the things that will draw life path number 3 to them in the first place, number 3’s will also get frustrated by the lack of attention and their prioritization of tasks. Remember that life path number 3’s love to be the center of attention, and without that their attention can quickly wander to someone else who provides that.


Hopefully, this article will have given you some idea of the importance of being guided by the numbers in your life both in general and romantically. To find out which life path number you are watch this interesting video and see which teaches you how to work it out, once you know it could help you pick the perfect partner.

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