September 14, 2017

Life Path Number 4 | Characteristics & Compatibility

At A Glance

Structured, organized, and very straight laced, some numbers might even find you boring. Hard working, serious and very analytical.

The Positive Traits Of Life Path Number 4

Life Path 4 is the structured, organized number of the universe. As far as is humanly possible, everything is done in an orderly, planned way, to ensure that every event or activity runs with military precision. Failure is also not an option, with a determination to complete every challenge they take on.

In terms of a career, life path number 4 wants to build and develop a career over the course of their life; they have no interest in get rich quick style schemes and will plan and develop their career accordingly. They are firm believers in the saying you get out of life what you put in, and so make loyal, dedicated employees.

You live your life by two main concepts that of honesty and justice, and you expect the same from friends and family. All of your friends know that in a time of crises, you will be the steady mind, the one everyone else looks up to and respects, a true pillar of the community.

The Negative Traits of Path Number 4


 On the negative side, sometimes life path number 4 can be a little set in their ways, unable to think outside of the box, and also a little on the judgemental side. You expect the same hard working ethic and attention to detail from other members of your team, and this can cause problems as many other numbers will struggle to still to your strong work ethic. You do not suffer fools well, and in your frustration and annoyance with people who you perceive to be lazy or not as driven as you, you can become downright rude. As a number 4, you need to work on this aspect of your life, improve your teamwork skills, and try to be more understanding of others faults.

Things That Path Number 4 Needs To Work On Constantly

Life path number 4 brings many things to the table, but also certain negative aspects, that every path number 4 should focus on

  • Try to lighten up a little
  • Don’t be so serious and try to be a little more flexible
  • Try to learn to be a little more tactful
  • Don’t miss opportunities due to being too cautious


Perfect Partners For Number 4

Number one certainly has the potential for a romantic relationship having a strong work ethic, and much like a number 4 being focused, and knowing what they want from life. Perhaps the best match for a life path 4 is number 8. Number 8 brings vision and ideas to both business and the relationship but is not as detail orientated, which is the perfect complement to number 4. Number 6 can also be a great companion for number 4 but be prepared to be financially poor, as this pairing tends to produce lots of little mouths to feed! A relationship with a number 7 is always an interesting concept. The flamboyant thought provoking number 7 holds the interest and adds excitement to the dull dependable number 4. The ying for the yang as it were

These Numbers Are A Train Wreck Waiting To Happen 

As is only to be expected, Life Path number 4 places a lot of value on a long term stable, and happy relationship. They do not like spontaneity or surprises, which means that the playful, but highly unpredictable number 3 is a bad match for you. Number 5 people tend to be dynamic and restless, the complete antithesis of everything you believe in, so another relationship that is unlikely to succeed. Number 9 is likely to drive a number 4 to distraction, with their endless dreams and hopes. They are the very antithesis of what a number 4 stands for, and these relationships are rarely likely to last

If the life path 4 is you and you would like to learn even more about what it means to your everyday life, love and happiness then we recommend checking out this great video numerology report that will break it down even further. Make sure to watch it to the end so you can get your "Souls Urge" number. From my experience, the deepest insights came from this portion of the video. 

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