September 15, 2017

Life Path Number 5

At A Glance

Life Path Number 5 people are fun and friendly, normally very popular and enjoyable to spend time with, but be warned they are not good to cross as their personality can change at the flick of a switch.

The Positive Traits Of Life Path Number 5

Life Path number 5 people are full of fun and the life and soul of any party. They love to be the center of attention and are full of energy and passion. They are extremely honest; sometimes this can be a negative though, as they never sugarcoat anything. They say what they mean and mean what they say, which can sometimes upset other people.

They have a strong moral compass, and will always fight for what they believe in, again with no thought of the hurt or pain they might be inflicting on those around them. Interestingly number 5 is a very compassionate path, and are excellent at motivating others.

The Negative Traits of Path Number 5

In terms of finding a partner, life path number 5 is more in love with the chase, than the capture, and once they have achieved their goals, can lose interest very quickly. The majority of number 5’s possess a strong, and quick temper, although the good news is that it dissipates almost as quickly as it erupts. Unfortunately, life path number 5’s have a difficulty understanding why other parties feel so upset afterward as they are quickly over the altercation, and moving forward with their life.

You will struggle with any boring or mundane careers; you need to be constantly motivated to bring out the best in you.


Things That Path Number 5 Needs To Work On Constantly

Life Path number 5 has some nasty sides to their character that must constantly be worked upon to try and improve them. These include

  • Jealousy
  • Depression
  • Bad Temper
  • Fickleness

Perfect Partners For Number 5

When it comes to romance, the perfect match for a number 5 is either number 1,5 or 7, although there is also potential with numbers 3 and 9. The reasons for this lie mostly at your door, as although you are loyal and faithful once you choose a partner, 5’s are constantly in need of change.

Number 1’s fit the profile perfectly, due to their daring, exciting personality, which is the perfect match for your abundant sources of energy. Normal it is good advice never to partner with someone that shares the same life path number, but life path number 5 is the exception that proves the rule. Always looking for freedom and excitement, two 5’s can have a passionate and dynamic relationship, who understand each others needs perfectly.

Finally, number 7 works almost due to the old rule that opposites attract. The dour, reclusive and somber number 7 helps to calm down the exuberant, impatient and undisciplined number 5.

These Numbers Spell Disaster For Number 5

For those who like to analyze relationships on paper then 4 and 5 would appear to be the perfect match on paper, but nothing could be further from the truth. The predictable, practical and steady number 4 could in theory at least provide the perfect foil for the fun loving happy go lucky number 5. But long term these two would drive each other crazy. Number 5 would be driven to distraction by the organized and relatively boring lifestyle of number 4, while the constant upheaval and changes of number 5 are the antitheses of everything 4 believes in. The importance that these numbers play in our daily lives cannot be underestimated, so take a look at the video below and work out your personal number today.


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