September 15, 2017

Life Path Number 6


At A Glance

Loving, caring nurturing, reliable, compassionate with an all-encompassing desire for looking after others. Family is at the center of your life, and in an ideal world, you would stay home to look after and bring up your family. Can neglect yourself in the effort to look after others, can place people on pedestals, and enable people you care for to do things they shouldn’t .

The Positive Traits Of Life Path Number 6

Being the son or daughter of a life path number 6 is possible the biggest stroke of luck anyone could ever have. The perfect parent in terms of providing a loving, homely environment, the child of a number 6 will always feel cared for and nurtured.You will do everything in your power to ensure that your family which means everything to you, has all of their requirements met, at times going without so that they can be happy.

Diligent and hard-working, a career in the medical profession would probably be the perfectly matched career. This is because combined with your kind and caring nature, you are also very methodical and reliable, and you do not give up easily. You are extremely conscientious in everything that you do, and wise with money, although exceedingly generous with friends and loved ones.


The Negative Traits of Path Number 6

Romance can be a challenge, not because you are incapable of giving love, quite the opposite, in fact, but you are wary of getting hurt, and so can be loathe to express your true feelings. Although in everyday life 6 is the most calm and stable of all the life paths when things go wrong life path six can be very volatile and unpredictable.  

Never cross a life path number 6 as they make great friends but even worse enemies.


Things That Path Number 6 Needs To Work On Constantly

Although there are many benefits to being a number 6, there are also inherent problems, and to succeed in life, it is essential as a number 6 that you focus on the following weaknesses in your character.

  • Be careful not to be taken advantage of
  • Be careful of demanding perfection from all around you
  • Try to be more tolerant of others
  • Do not become overwhelmed by responsibilities



Perfect Partners For Number 6

Life path number 6 often have an unrealistic view of potential partners, which can be a barrier to romantic success. If and when they do find that partner, the commitment is total. There are no surprises that two 6s make a perfect match, although a number 2 is also a great partner with number 6 as the individual traits complement each other.

Some Numbers Would Simply Love Number 6 Too Much Removing Their Purpose In Life

Unfortunately, life path number 1 and 8 could and would fall deeply for number 6. Although this sounds like the perfect match, the reality is very different, as they could easily smother number 6 in love, which in turn would prevent number 6 from demonstrating their loving and caring side. Life path 3 and 5 would be a disaster, as their free spirit and spontaneity would be restricted by number 6.

There is a lot to be learned from studying the different life paths, and the best place to start is by watching this video, which will help you quickly and easily learn how to work out your life path number. Give it a try today, as you might be surprised by what you learn.

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