September 16, 2017

Life Path Number 7


At A Glance

The Life Path Number 7 Enjoys their own company, which can make them a bit of a loner. Passionate about nature, oceans, plants, and flowers. Very intellectual, they can also be analytical and reserved. They are a thinker but can also be pessimistic and insecure.


The Positive Traits Of Life Path Number 7

It is debatable whether this trait is positive or negative, but life path number 7 is always self-sufficient, and would never give up any of their responsibility for their own life. Truth and wisdom are the foundations of everything that life path number 7 believes in, and their aim in life is to be a perfectionist. Because of their superior intellect and abilities to focus totally on a subject, life path number 7’s are suited to careers such as researchers, investigators, scientists or other subjects that would benefit from analytical thought and work.


The Negative Traits of Path Number 7

Because of their love of thinking, it is all too easy for life path number 7 to become stuck in their own little bubble. Life path number 7’s need to be careful not to fall into the trap of alcohol or drug addiction, and unfortunately they can also be drawn towards depression and neurosis. Because they present themselves as a bit of a loner, they struggle to make friends or develop relationships, romantic or otherwise. This then becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy as they become lonely and have no friends to help them break out of the turmoil their lifestyle has created.


Things That Path Number 7 Needs To Work On Constantly

It is fair to say that there are significant challenges in the life of number 7’s. To embrace life and not fall into the traps of the stereotypical life path number 7, they need to

  • Make a concerted effort to be more social
  • Work on their confidence around other people
  • Talk to someone if they start to feel down or depressed
  • Learn how to express their emotions better



Perfect Partners For Number 7

It will come as no surprise to read that life path 7’s also have challenges with developing a romantic love life. They are also secretive and will hide their problems and feelings from their partners which makes developing a relationship even more of a challenge. Life path number 7’s are a good match, as they both have an understanding of the loneliness and torment that a number 7 goes through. However, the relationship between two 7’s may never be as close as other relationships, due to that stubborn, independent streak. Numbers 4 and 9 are probably the best match outside of number 7, but both parties will have to work hard at the relationship

The Number Seven Is Not Always Lucky In Love

Life path numbers 2 and 6 have determined streaks and would both work very hard to help number 7, but ultimately could become frustrated as they would struggle to get much reaction. This relationship could be the romantic equivalent if pushing a snowball up a hill, a lot of effort for very little reward. Life Paths 3 and 5 love being the center of attention, which is virtually impossible with a number 7 who prefers their own company.

Whatever your romantic aspirations, or desires for the future, it makes sense to utilize all of the available knowledge, to maximize your chances of success. To discover which number you are, watch this simple but informative video, which will teach you quickly and easily how to work out your life path number.

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