September 18, 2017

Life Path Number 8

At A Glance

A driven and private individual life path number 8 also possess charm in abundance, which helps them achieve their targets and aims. A fiercely passionate lover, who adores their children. Life number 8’s can be sarcastic and offensive to people who don’t know them very well.

The Positive Traits Of Life Path Number 8

In many circles, life path number 8 gets a bad and undeserved reputation as someone that focuses on nothing other than making money. It is true that the most common words associated with a number 8 are drive, ambition, organization, focus, discipline, and authority, so it is entirely understandable how they gather that reputation.

Life Path number 8’s are excellent at leading a team and have the power and skills to encourage and develop others in their team to achieve success. They are excellent with money management, trustworthy and reliable. Life path number 8’s are constantly seeking to improve their status in life, and are often drawn to a career in business, sport, the military or some sort of financial institution.

The Negative Traits of Path Number 8

The drive and ambition of life path number 8 can sometimes be a double-edged sword. Their love of material things can come at the detriment of their family. They can become obsessive, in their dedication to success. They are often disconnected from their emotional side, which can mean that they often end up lonely and isolated in life. They are also so convinced of their own knowledge and expertise that they rarely listen to the views of others which can lead to mistakes and lost opportunities.

Things That Path Number 8 Needs To Work On Constantly

Life path number 8’s need to understand that there is a lot of value in non-material things. They need to try and be more sociable, switch off from work, relax and enjoy themselves. Otherwise, they run a very real risk of being a rich but lonely person in their later life. Nobody knows everything, so they also need to work hard on listening to others, and taking some advice.

Perfect Partners For Number 8

As you have probably guessed by now, life path 8 needs to be in control, so they will need to find a partner who is happy to take a back seat in the relationship. Although you don’t want a doormat, the best choices for a romantic partner will be either a number two or the loving and sacrifice number 6. The problem with number 8 is because of your determination to take the lead and be in charge; it actually limits your potential partners; you really have only yourself to blame.  Perhaps the best partnership of all would be with the number 4, as you both share many similar characteristics, such as drive, determination and being goal-orientated. Furthermore, you would actually complement each other in business as number 8 is excellent at seeing the bigger picture, while the detail orientated number 4 would recognize and deal with every minor little detail.

Number 8 Could Lead These Numbers To Water, But Will Never Get Them To Drink

Unless you are interested in a challenge, argument, and battle for the duration of your romantic life, number 1 is quite possibly the worst choice you could ever make. They are very independent and will never be happy following your rules. Number 5 is as far removed from the structured business life as it is possible to get, their creative, and artistic styles would create havoc in your organized somewhat boring world. Number 3 is quite simply irresponsible, which would not work for number 8.


There is so much to be learned when you dig deep into numerology, information which when applied can truly have a positive impact on your life. The next step in your journey is to watch this video which will walk you step by step through the process of working out which number you are, which in turn can help you lead a more prosperous and stimulating life.

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