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LifePathNumber.net was built to help people identify what opportunities, obstacles, and other challenges that may be out there that they could or should be taking advantage of. Sometimes numbers can give us the purpose we are looking for.


Janice Sorenson

Janice is a mother of two, and has been fascinated with numerology since she was in college.

About LifePathNumber.net

Here at LifePathNumber.net we are a group of friends and colleagues who have a passionate belief in the importance of numerology in your life. When we originally came across the philosophy’s of numerology, it is fair to say that some members of the team were at least initially a little skeptical.

However, as a group of friends, we are the type of people who when we commit to something we do it properly, and the changes in our lives have been dramatic, to say the least.

We were so impressed and thankful about all of the benefits we experienced due to following the recommendations of numerology, that we wanted to spread the word and introduce as many people as possible to its numerous benefits. (pun intended).

As many of the team are very computer and technologically savvy, it seemed like a logical decision to create a website that covered numerology in great depth. The initial idea was to help our readers understand the theories and ideas of the numerology system. We wanted to identify the strengths and weaknesses of each life path number so that people could begin making the positive life changes that were required to improve their business and personal lives.

Always a positive and romantic group of friends we decided to add a little romance to the site by discussing the perfect romantic partner for each life path number, and of course, we also wanted to explain the process of working out your own number, which in turn would help you to make educated decisions.

We created and designed the site from the ground up, ensuring that it was fully mobile compatible, which we felt was important. The majority of our friend's, for instance, live on their cell phones, which is why we felt a decent mobile experience was essential.

Janice is the driver behind the site, she is passionate about numerology and used it to find her lifetime partner Tyler. Janice embraces numerology in every facet of her life and is determined to introduce the life-changing concepts to as many people as possible

The response to the site has been phenomenal, with more and more visitors discovering our little site and community on an almost daily basis. We have so many ideas about the future of the website, and where we want to take it. Our eventual aim is to become the number one site on the internet for numerology, and we hope that you will add us to your list of bookmarks, and come back and visit the site regularly.

We want to be here for all of our readers, so feel free to contact us with any ideas, or questions you might have, as the minute you believe you know everything, is the minute you fail. We hope you enjoy the content we have already published on the site, and look forward to getting to know more of our visitors as time progresses.

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