Numerology Calculator

October 9, 2017

Numerology Calculator

FIll out the form below, and we will calculate your life path number for you. Follow the link to read more about what it means. 


The Life Path Number Numerology Calculation

Above you will find a Numerology calculator that we built especially for our readers. You can put in your birthday, press submit, and our tool will calculate your Life Path Number as well as provide you a link to the article on our site which give you a comprehensive overview of what your number means.

While the life path number calculation is not an overly complex one, it does take time, and can be a bit confusing to newcomers.

If you are interested in learning how to do the calculation yourself we created this explainer video for you. 

Also after you have read the article on what your life path number means, and how you can use it to your advantage, we also have a video that we recommend you watch. 

This video is a personalized walkthrough of what all the different facets of your numerology mean. 

It goes over things like your: 

Life Path Number 

Soul's Urge Number 

There has been some amazing feedback on the video ... so much so that there have been over 150k comments!!!

And Here is some of the feedback we have gotten ...

“You so right about it all. The things you said just blew me away.” - Carolyn

“Wow! This is SPOT ON. Bad ass!” - Angela
“This is so accurate! Made me cry!” - Kathy
I personally was amazed at the insights it gave me into ways I could be a better mother and a wife. 
Also how I needed to find creative outlets to help me feel more fulfilled.
If you do decide you are interested in your free numerology video, before you watch the video I wanted to let you know about a few things you will see in the video. 
Since this video has an abundance of information that is specifically tailored to your life path number & name numerology, there are a few things we will need to ask for.
What we will need. 
- Your Birthday
- Your Name
- Marital Status
*We value your privacy and want you to know this is all completely anonymous, and private. 
Why We Need It: 
Your Birthday
We need your birthday in order to calculate your life path number. We will show you step by step how it is calculated, and then from there, we will give you a wealth of information on what it can reveal about your life. 
Your Name
In addition to your Life Path Number, there is something called your Expression Number in your numerology chart. It is calculated using your birth name. 
The name you were given at birth was not an accident, and it can give you great insight into your tendencies, relationship compatibility, and opportunities that you will face along the line. 
I want to warn you ... 
The video is packed with insights, some of which will shock you
So set aside some time (10 min or so), and watch the video with an open mind, and ready to learn.  
One of the numerology chart numbers it goes over toward the end of the video is your Hearts Desire / Soul's Urge number
Personally, this is the number that gave me the most insight into my life
At this step, we need your marital status to ensures the relationship advice provided is accurate.
After the free reading is finished you will be given the opportunity to have us use our proprietary supercomputer to perform the complex equations that your COMPLETE numerology chart is made up of ... revealing things like your Hidden Passion Number ...
If you aren't interested in seeing the insights that your COMPLETE NUMEROLOGY CHART can provide, then take this free reading as our gift to you
If you do decide to order your Deluxe Numerology Report,  Here are just some of the things you can expect to see in the report.
  • The deepest desires you’ve been hushing most of your life and how to finally manifest them.
  •  Where you’ve been incorrectly putting your energy, and the secret code that’ll end the uphill battle.
  •  What makes you tick, your attitude towards work, what you must do to flourish professionally.
  •  Your secret talents and hidden strengths, and how to use them to get what you truly want!
  •  Powerful insight into your character, quirky personality traits, and how others perceive you.
  •  Upcoming challenges and unexplored opportunities that could drastically change your life.
  •  And so much more....

The Author | Janice Sorenson
Janice is a mother of two, and has been fascinated with numerology since she was in college. View More Post from Janice Sorenson